Jay-Z Sells Controlling Stake In D’USSÉ For $750M


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Jay-Z reportedly sold a controlling stake in D’ussé for $750M ending his former ongoing legal dispute with Bacardi.

Serial entrepreneur Jay-Z has always been known for making major movies. Recently Hov and Bacardi Ltd. were involved in a multibillion-dollar dispute over their cognac joint venture, D’ussé, and have been in lengthy arbitration and litigation throughout multiple courts.

Bacardi offered Jay-Z $500 million for his stake in the company which he declined. Then when Hov countered with $1.5 billion for Bacardi’s stake, the company declined effectively putting negotiations in a stalemate. Bacardi won several rounds in arbitration, but now both sides have reached an agreement.

According to Bloomberg Law, Bacardi will buy out a majority of Hov’s 50% stake in the company. Bacardi now owns at least 75.01% of D’usse but Jay-Z retains a “significant ownership stake” via SCLiqour.

“I am excited to renew this partnership with Bacardi,” Jay-Z said.

While the deal’s exact amount wasn’t disclosed, Jay-Z reportedly received around $750 Million. Throughout the legal dispute, Jay-Z maintained D’usse was worth around $3 Billion. If you do the math with him keeping around 24%, the number seems correct.

“We have deep respect for his creativity and business acumen and are proud of our accomplishments in establishing D’Usse as a leader in an exciting and competitive category,” the statement said. Bacardi declined to comment on the deal details but called Jay-Z “an invaluable partner.”

With Hov selling half his ownership that only means a bigger and better business move is being prepped. Rumor has it he could be in the market to purchase a stake in an NFL team.

We will just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

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