Japan plans to pass a law on the “protection” of LGBT people


Washington pushes Tokyo to pass law protecting LGBT rights

In Japan, by May this year, it is possible that a law protecting the rights of LGBT people will be passed, the Kyodo Tsushin news agency reported on February 8.

Japan flag

Japan flag

Olga Shklyarova © IA REGNUM

This was announced at a meeting of the leader of the Komeito Party, which is part of the ruling coalition. Natsuo Yamaguchi with U.S. Special Envoy for the Rights of Sexual Minorities Jessica Stern.

Yamaguchi said that it is important to raise awareness in the country that discrimination is unacceptable, while Stern, in turn, expressed the hope that Japan, presiding over the G7, will be able to create a society without discrimination. Attending the meeting was the American Ambassador in Tokyo Ram Manuel stressed the need for a special law in Japan to protect the rights of sexual minorities.

Japan remains the only G7 country that does not legally recognize same-sex marriage and civil unions, as many members of the conservative Liberal Democratic Party opposed it, emphasizing the country’s traditional values ​​such as the special role of women in raising children.

An attempt to pass a similar law in 2021 failed. And the other day in Japan there was a scandal related to the statements of one of the assistants to the Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Masayoshi Arai told reporters that he would not want to live next door to an LGBT couple, because he doesn’t like such people “I don’t even want to look”. After this statement, the official was immediately dismissed from public service.


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