“It’s all over”: the US made an unexpected statement about Russia and NATO

MOSCOW, 21 Feb — The Russian military prevailed not only over the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but also over the North Atlantic Alliance, which continues to actively support Kyiv, former US intelligence officer Tony Shaffer said in an interview YouTube channel Daniel Davis/Deep Dive.
“The Russians won. They defeated the Ukrainian army and NATO, because NATO provided Ukraine with a group of advisers all this time. It’s over,” he said.
Shaffer also emphasized that no financial resources will help the Ukrainian Armed Forces change the situation on the battlefield and stop the advance of the Russian army.
In early February, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, at a conference call with the leadership of the armed forces, announced that the losses of Ukrainian troops in January exceeded 23 thousand people. He stated that Kyiv is throwing its remaining reserves into battle and hastily carrying out forced mobilizations to prevent the collapse of its defenses. Russian units are moving forward and expanding their zones of control. In particular, in the Kupyansky, Krasnolimansky and Donetsk directions it was possible to liberate the settlements of Veseloye, Krakhmalnoye and Tabaevka. In addition, on the evening of February 17, Sergei Shoigu reported to Vladimir Putin about the complete taking of Avdeevka under control. The President congratulated the Russian military on this success and important victory.

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