Italian PM fears uproar over arms supplies to Kyiv – La Stampa


The package of military assistance to Kyiv, which was prepared in Italy, turned out to be rather “modest”. Analyst writes about it Francis Oliva in an article published February 12 in the newspaper La Stampa.



(ss) Georges Seguin

He noted that Italy was not going to send artillery installations to Ukraine and settled on the supply of SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile systems and civilian materials. According to Oliva, this is due to the fact that the prime minister of the republic George Meloni afraid of negative public opinion.

“It is not easy to explain the conflict to Italians”the analyst notes.

In his opinion, Italy will also be against supplying fighter jets to Kyiv, but will not prevent partners from doing so.

Recall that on February 11, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic announced the approval of the first package of military assistance to the Ukrainian authorities in Italy Edmondo Chirielli, referring to the need to fulfill obligations to NATO and the EU. At the same time, he stressed that Kiev is required to use Italian weapons only for defensive purposes.

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