It wasn’t anyone: Corona commanders – lunatics liked to be wrong

The current year could be a year of dealing with the corona crisis. Uli Gellermann feels that the previous statements by key protagonists of policy measures in Germany are only partially credible. A critical consideration, also based on statements and demands made in the years 2020 to 2022.

By Uli Gellermann

“What was nonsense, if I can speak so freely, these rules are (were) out there,” says the main whip of the profitable Corona nonsense, Karl Lauterbach, today. He leads a squad of backtrackers responsible for the lockdowns, unhealthy masquerades and ban on singing, as well as the fear-mongering of daily pounding incidence pronouncements, like the ban on visiting the dying. All supposedly in the name of health, but in reality on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, which wanted to push its dangerous injections into the arms of millions of healthy people and made a great profit from it.

That’s where I was wrong

In the TIME, who never spoke out during the Corona repression, who didn’t know how to write, against the bringing the media into line or the liquidation of the scientific debate; in this one TIME “Known” recently 25 people “I was wrong”. From prime ministers to science journalists to medical officials, the 25 act today as if they had mistakenly crossed the street when the red light was on. Not a small number of the victims of their error lie in cemeteries today. Because the supposedly healing substances from BioNTech, AstraZeneca or Moderna were developed hoppla-hopp, without the necessary multi-year placebo-controlled studies. And in October 2022, the EU Commission will have millions of people as laboratory animals, ignoring all legal rules
driven to the syringes of the pharmaceutical industry. And that’s what the “error” was good for: scaremongering and hysteria were used to run profitable pharmaceutical marketing.

Are we reading apologies now?

The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet (CDU), for example, babbles about an anonymous WIR: “We have regulated every movement in every hair salon, cosmetics and tattoo studio, down to the very last detail”. WE? The coward can’t even say ME, although as Prime Minister he was at the top of a Corona chain of command that harassed every citizen. The Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Manuela Schwesig, now remembers: “The closure of the playgrounds was a mistake”. Now that a “final report” by Family Minister Lisa Paus (GRÜNE) and Health Minister Karl Lauterbach states that 73 percent of all minors are still so psychologically stressed by Corona that some children in first grade cannot hold a pen . It was the paus and their ilk who, in August 2022, ultimately demanded that masks be compulsory in schools and wiped the smiles off our children’s faces with these harmful rags. Our children’s playgrounds were cordoned off with red and white accident tape, our children were brutally forbidden to have contact with their friends, our children were robbed of regular schooling for three years. Are we reading apologies now? Have you heard of redemption? no way.

RKI official Lothar Wieler cheats to this day

Lothar Wieler?  Thanks for nothing!


Lothar Wieler? Thanks for nothing!

To this day, the RKI official Lothar Wieler cheats: “There was never only one alternative: either a few deaths or keep schools open”. The gang still lies to this day. There were alternatives: For example, the governor of the US state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who even threatened shops that turned away customers without masks, tests or vaccinations, severe fines. His philosophy as governor is to “protect individual liberties,” he said. Everyone should be the architect of their own health. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko even called the alleged pandemic a “corona psychosis”. And? Were there significantly more deaths in these countries than in other countries? No. But with that, people around the world had been driven into the fear of death, with the “killer virus”.

No killer virus!

And when a scientist, an epidemiologist, said in front of Uli Gellermann’s camera that the corona virus was not a killer virus, his video was deleted on YouTube and he was banned from working. Today, science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar, who was doing one program after another about the “pandemic” at the time, says in the weekly newspaper The time: It “should have made me even more suspicious: how little we knew about the Corona deaths, how many people had really died of (not just with) Covid”. At that time, every cancer death, every accident victim and every stroke counted as a corona death, even if the virus was only detected in their vicinity. Anyone who demanded autopsies to determine the cause of death beyond doubt was considered a trespasser. The alleged fight against Corona was in reality not only a fight against democracy, but also against medical science.

Left: Deceased with Corona

Today we hear from Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow: “But the worst thing for me was the school closures. We should have kept the schools and kindergartens open during the second wave. We, as the state government, were driven by hysteria, and hysteria is never good advice.” The fact that Ramelow supported hysteria is not only evident from the fact that he would rather howl with wolves than hunt them. You can also see it in the slander spread across all media against all those who criticize the measures: They are somehow “right-wing”. In May 2022, for example, she knew German wave: “Vaccination opponents, enemies of democracy and conspiracy theorists demonstrate together against Germany’s corona policy”. Those who watched the demonstrations themselves saw a mixture of people that they could have seen at any Bundesliga game. But see for yourself? No, you should have faced the truth. And since Corona at the latest, we know that the truth makes you sick. And then the German left died from the lie.

There are virologists and virologists

Corona policy: German school closures in the focus of the European Court of Human Rights

Corona policy: German school closures in the focus of the European Court of Human Rights

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit is one of the virologists who played a leading role in the corona scaremongering. Dem falls today in the Time “Maybe that’s why I didn’t get enough involved against school and daycare closures as a result”. Too little? Not at all! People always like to lie with the sham word “maybe”. Viola Priesemann, 40, is a physicist and calculated many corona models. Today she dares to say: “For a long time I asked myself where the misunderstandings in the Corona debates came from. As a modeler, it was important to me to provide a factual basis – its political evaluation is not my job. At some point I realized that often Facts and judgment are mixed up”. Mixed up, mixed up, spoiled: The physicist has made herself the servant of the pharmaceutical industry and politics. It’s just cheap that you’re only realizing that today.

My arm is mine!

Other presenters of the Corona lies were certainly not cheap. The agitators and active participants in politics and culture like Mrs. Wagenknecht, who miserably knew how to tell about her husband Mr. Lafontaine that he was already vaccinated or Mr. Nideggen from BAP. He knows how to sing about Kristallnacht, but he can’t see the night when it’s well lit financially, and he liked to put his arm under the syringe for a poster for the pharmaceutical industry. Alice Schwarzer, who one had hoped would say: My arm belongs to me, also sprayed demonstratively and strikingly! How was she paid for the Spritz poster? Were they all just wrong somehow? No, they participated. They were advertising vehicles, they gave the inhuman syringe campaign a human face, they all belong before a proper court. But that will not happen because the courts, right down to the Federal Constitutional Court, which waved the federal emergency brake through, are corona-corrupt. There will have to be a people’s tribunal that will help the good rights of the citizens to their rights.

Uli Gellermann is a filmmaker and journalist. His media criticism is based on his experiences with public broadcasters. He is the editor of the website RATIONALGALERIE.

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