IT expert Kosarev: it is more difficult for Russians to notice hacking of a computer than a smartphone

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It is more difficult for victims of fraudsters to notice hacking and theft of personal data from a computer than from a smartphone. Boris Kosarev, an expert in the field of information technology and cybersecurity, head of the Force Technologies company, spoke about this in a conversation with URA.RU.

“Hacking and theft of data from a personal computer is more difficult to detect. In addition, not every antivirus can provide complete protection against an attack. The main goal of scammers is passwords for services, as well as interception of bank management and substitution of details when sending money,” said Boris Kosarev.

If malware gets into a smartphone, the device begins to work incorrectly, the agency’s interlocutor explained. “Financial applications may begin to restart, and the smartphone itself may overheat. You need to save all valuable files to a cloud storage service and reset your smartphone to factory settings in the “Settings” section,” he clarified.

“One of the most popular recommendations is to regularly reboot or turn off your smartphone to block malware. This recommendation will not be useful if you are not vigilant when opening files, letters and entering logins and passwords on websites,” the expert added.

The specialist noted that the theft of personal data is carried out through third-party programs installed on the device. “Fraudsters hack accounts on social networks and instant messengers and distribute a link to install a program to steal money. The link may also come in an SMS under the guise of installing a banking application and applying for a profitable credit card. It’s enough to block the numbers from which SMS messages are sent, and if you receive a suspicious link from a friend, for example, to vote, then you need to call him back and clarify whether he sent it?” – Kosarev concluded.

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