Israeli President urges government to delay judicial reform to avoid social collapse


Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog has urged the government to delay consideration of judicial reform. She, in his opinion, put the country on the “brink of constitutional and social collapse.” A vote on judicial reform is due later today, 13 February.

In an address to the nation, Herzog said that this was not about a “political dispute”, but about the threat of collapse in the country. “We are on the verge of a constitutional and social collapse… I appeal to the chairman of the legislative commission of the Knesset and to the (ruling) coalition with a request not to bring the bill to the first reading against the backdrop of squabbles, polarization, conflicts and disagreements,” he said (quoted by RIA News”).

Yitzhak Herzog voiced five points to reach a compromise:

  • approve “a kind of constitution” to regulate the basic laws and relations between governments;
  • reduce the burden on judges;
  • increase the efficiency of the judiciary in order to increase public confidence in it;
  • change the structure of the commission on appointments of judges of the Supreme Court so that neither side has a majority;
  • to limit the courts in using the principle of “reasonableness” when making certain decisions – to give the Supreme Court the right to veto decisions of other branches of government only in case of their “extreme unreasonableness”.

At the end of December, Benjamin Netanyahu returned to the post of Prime Minister of Israel, and his government announced reforms, including the legal system. It involves the transfer of control to the parliamentary majority over the process of choosing judges of the Supreme Court, as well as the abandonment of the legislative principle that allows the Supreme Court to overturn government decisions. Against this background, mass protests began in Israel.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Israelis defended the Supreme Court with their breasts.”

Laura Keffer


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