In Yekaterinburg, they held a party with the stars, which the townspeople have been waiting for a year. Photo, video

BIG LOVE SHOW in Yekaterinburg-EXPO.  Ekaterinburg

A large-scale Big Love Show concert was held at the Ekaterinburg-EXPO MFC, which did not take place in 2022 due to covid restrictions. Due to a year of waiting, the organizers of the show had to change almost the entire list of artists. The event, which the townspeople have been waiting for so long, was attended by a URA.RU correspondent.

Artists such as Zivert, Burito, Marie Kraimbreri, Yuliana Karaulova and others planned to attend a concert in Yekaterinburg in 2022. However, a year later, the list completely changed: the previously announced singer Mari Kraymbreri, as well as Elka (Elizaveta Ivantsiv), the Vintage pop group, a young artist from Bishkek Amirchik (Amirkhan Batabaev), the My Michel group, Artik & Asti and Klava Koka. Simultaneously with the Big Love Show in Yekaterinburg, a similar show was held in Kazan, in connection with which the presenter asked to say hello to the residents of Tatarstan on the video.

The event began with a performance by Ukrainian artist Mari Crimbreri, who performed her greatest hits – “Don’t Wake Me”, “Hiding in the Bathroom”, and admitted that the first sold-out in her career was in Yekaterinburg. Next, another native of Ukraine, Elka, appeared on the stage, who actively communicated with the audience, in connection with which she tried to justify herself. “I really love spiritual gatherings, conversations, so I want you to feel comfortable at the concert. Dance, do not be shy, ”said the singer. On her songs, the audience danced especially brightly.

After that, the Vintage group took the stage, which surprised the audience with a revealing outfit of the soloist Anna Pletneva, as well as controversial dances, after which the parents and children left the hall. They were replaced by the My Michel team, known for their work on covers for the groups Guests from the Future and Bi-2, as well as major joint projects with the Nerva team, DJ Smash and others.

A young artist from Bishkek Amirchik (Amirkhan Batabaev) made his debut in the capital of the Urals, and Artik & Asti, who performed in Yekaterinburg for the first time in a new line-up, presented a new track “Doll” and announced a video for it to Yekaterinburg residents. The concert was completed by a native of Yekaterinburg – Klava Koka. Her audience was especially warm – many immediately rushed to film the performance on the phone and sing along loudly.

Earlier, URA.RU said that on February 12, the Big Love Show in Yekaterinburg began with a performance by the Ukrainian singer Mari Kraymbreri, and the music block from the Vintage group outraged some citizens. The event was held at Ekaterinburg-EXPO.

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