In Tyumen they sell a license plate for a car for 19 million rubles. Photo

Bar "Experience".  Ekaterinburg, license plates

In Tyumen they sell an American car license plate with the image and date of birth of Marilyn Monroe. The sale price is 19 million rubles. The corresponding announcement was published on the Avito website.

“I am selling an American license plate with the date of birth (June 1, 1926) and place of birth (Los Angeles California) of Marilyn Monroe. An internet search for the image yielded no results. I believe that this original license plate is the only one in the world, exclusive, registered in the US license plate registry,” the ad states.

The seller claims that the number was taken from a car brought from the United Arab Emirates. The author set this price (19 million rubles) based on the actress’s date of birth—$192,661, taking into account exchange rates. The seller is considering a sale without negotiation.

The room is being sold for 19 million rubles
The room is being sold for 19 million rubles


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