In the United States revealed whether Putin can win in Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Russia will win in Ukraine if it eliminates problems in logistics and coordination. Michael Kofman, an American expert on the Russian armed forces and an employee of the Center for a New American Security, expressed this opinion.

“However, breakthroughs [в Донбассе]are likely to elude the Russians if they fail to correct the two major shortcomings that have so far plagued their military operations—poor logistics and the inability to coordinate infantry, armor, artillery, and air support.” declared Kofman. His opinion leads the publication Politico. He also noted that these problems have already been overcome to a large extent thanks to the appointment of Valery Gerasimov as commander-in-chief of the Russian troops.

Some American experts predict significant successes for the Russian army in the near future. Former British Army infantry commander Richard Camp is urging Western leaders to be realistic about Russia’s military capabilities or Russia’s success in the Donbas could cause a shock that saps resolve and calls for negotiations.

American analysts report that the Russian army has seized the initiative. According to them, the RF Armed Forces have stepped up in the area of ​​the LPR and Kharkiv region, which may indicate the beginning of the Russian offensive, reports channel 360.

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