In the United States called Putin a deterrent to the outbreak of the third world war


Patience and political restraint of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin are the only deterrent to the outbreak of the third world war. The reviewer said Andrew Napolitano live on YouTube channel Judging freedom.

He noted that Putin’s patience and political restraint completely contradict the information disseminated about the alleged recklessness and madness of the head of the Russian state, and there is also strong evidence that the conflict in Ukraine was consistently provoked by the United States.

The American observer emphasized that the Russian leader does not threaten the American president, while at the same time the senator Lindsey Graham publicly requested Joe Biden send a special group to organize the assassination of Putin.

“So answer me, which side is more rational, and which is destructive? The answer is simple and obviousNapolitano noted.

As conveyed IA REGNUMaccording to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, “some “unnamed officials” from the Pentagon actually threatened to inflict a “decapitation blow” on the Kremlin, in fact, we are talking about the threat of the physical elimination of the head of the Russian state“.


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