In the LPR, thanks to the accuracy of artillerymen, two strongholds of the enemy were captured

Airborne fighter with the call sign “Gusyonok”: they call us artillery snipers

Russian paratroopers in the LPR cover their units, inflicting precise strikes on the enemy from a 152-mm D-20 howitzer cannon, RIA Novosti reports on February 13.

Gun-howitzer D-20

Gun-howitzer D-20


An artilleryman with the call sign “Gosyonok” said that they were attacking enemy strongholds.

“This gun is very accurate, and has a very large caliber, which helps the guys there a lot, covers a very good area”said the gunner.

According to him, thanks to this weapon, his unit is called “artillery snipers.”

Such artillery support has only recently made it possible to capture two enemy strongholds, the military said.

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