In the Khabarovsk Territory, a tiger climbed into a winter hut and attacked hunters

An Amur tiger that attacked hunters was shot dead in the Khabarovsk Territory

In the Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur tiger attacked hunters right in the winter hut. He was shot immediately. The tragedy happened in the village of Arsenyevo, Nanai district, local media reported.

Tigress with a tiger cub

Tigress with a tiger cub

Center “Amur Tiger”

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It is known that the predator broke the window in the hut and climbed inside, where there were three hunters. The tiger attacked one of them, the second reacted, grabbed a gun and shot at the beast.

The man was badly injured, he was taken to the first-aid post with lacerations and blood loss. The tiger was thin and hungry.

Some time ago, the media of the Khabarovsk Territory wrote about another case of an attack on a hunter. Human remains were found in the Sovetsko-Gavansky region.

The tiger population in Russia is estimated at 750 individuals.

As reported IA REGNUMa tigress named Matilda, who escaped from private territory in Ryazan, was caught on January 25 and returned home.


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