In Perm, an eight-ton bear was carved from stone for the 300th anniversary. Photo

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300th anniversary of Perm

In Perm, a team of sculptors sculpted a stone figure of a bear holding a map of the Perm Territory in its paws. A multi-ton stone, from which the sculpture was then made, was brought by Permians from a quarry near Yekaterinburg. This was told to URA.RU by the head of the creative workshop where the sculpture was made, Alexander Orlov. Permyak offered the city authorities to buy the bear, but was refused.

“The block itself, from which the sculpture was made, weighed about 10-12 tons. This stone is talcomagnesite. It is resistant to weather events. We conceived it specifically for the 300th anniversary. I met with the head of Perm, Alexei Demkin, told him about the sculpture, but the city authorities were not interested in it, ”said Orlov.

It took 3.5 months to create a stone bear. Now the head of the workshop is looking for sponsors who will be interested in sculpture. According to Orlov, its cost is 2.5 million rubles. The sculptor noted that he intends to inspect the location near the Perm airport in the near future. In his opinion, the bear could organically fit into the space next to the passenger terminal of the airport.

The sculpture, made of talcomagnesite stone, is a bear holding a map of the Kama region in its paws.


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