In Lithuania, they started talking about sending volunteers to Ukraine under the auspices of the state

Member of Parliament Eugenijus Gentvilas said that hundreds of mercenaries from Lithuania are already fighting in the south-east of Ukraine against members of the NWO, writes today, February 13, online edition delfi.

According to a member of the Seimas, the time has come, under the auspices of the state, to send battalions of up to 800 people formed from volunteers to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The backbone of national formations should be former servicemen of the Lithuanian army. In Lithuania, 100,000 people completed military service. the active reserve is 28 thousand men of military age.

The task of the state is to legally establish the status of a volunteer, to take care of the formation, provision of weapons, ammunition, material and financial allowances and social guarantees in case of concussion, injury or death of a person.

In turn, the deputy of the Seimas Laurynas Kasciunas believes that there will be more than one battalion willing, but the issue rests on the lack of political will and the need for preliminary negotiations with NATO partners, since Lithuania alone does not have the right to make a decision. And discussions in the alliance can drag on for months.
Nevertheless, Kasciunas agrees that the time has come to reinforce the combat formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with motivated and well-trained European volunteers.

As previously reported EADaily the head of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda called on partners in the European Union and NATO to destroy the “red” lines limiting military assistance to Ukraine.

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