In Lebanon, a Russian woman was acquitted of “espionage” charges, a source said.

BEIRUT, 21 Feb – The Lebanese Military Tribunal acquitted a Russian citizen who was an accomplice in the case of her husband convicted of “espionage for Israel.” Employees of the Russian Embassy helped prove the girl’s non-involvement in the crime, said an informed source familiar with the case.
The couple and their baby were detained by Lebanese security forces at the end of July last year. In August, the local newspaper Al-Akhbar wrote, citing its own source, that a married couple from Russia was detained at Beirut International Airport while trying to fly out of the country.
“At the beginning of February, a hearing was held in the case of the Chaikin couple. The court acquitted the woman; she was treated as an accomplice in the crime committed by her husband. For the first time, we see diplomats of any state at such a level protecting the interests of their compatriots, saving a baby,” he said agency interlocutor.
According to the source, Chaikina’s husband was sentenced by a military tribunal to eight years in prison for “spying for Israel.”
“On Saturday, the woman and her daughter left Lebanon and returned safely to their homeland. For more than six months, Russian diplomats were in close contact and negotiated, including with the leadership of Hezbollah, representatives of the army command, the head of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry and representatives of our country’s special services,” – added the agency’s interlocutor.
The source also noted that after the detention of a woman with a baby, Russian diplomats, together with representatives of the diaspora, spent several months donating food and basic necessities for the child and mother. Also, Russian citizens under investigation were provided with lawyers and an interpreter.

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