In Kyiv, they dream of creating a tribunal over Russia


Ukrainian authorities expect to create a tribunal to try the leadership of Russia

The Kyiv authorities spoke about the most desirable ways for them to create an international tribunal against the Russian leadership, the website of the President of Ukraine reports on February 10.

William Hogarth.  Court.  1758

William Hogarth. Court. 1758

Deputy Head of the Office of the President Andrey Smirnov at a meeting with French journalists, he said that it would be impossible to act against Russia through the Council without the UN, since Moscow has a veto there. It is also impossible to get the case against the Russian leadership in the International Criminal Court, because Russia has not ratified the treaty on its establishment.

The only legitimate and legally correct way to solve the problem, according to the official, will be the creation of a special international tribunal in the form of a multilateral international treaty.

To date, three models for the foundation and operation of the tribunal have been prepared, Smirnov said:

1) creation of a tribunal on the basis of an agreement between Ukraine and the United Nations with the adoption of the relevant resolution of the UN General Assembly.

2) the formation of a tribunal on the basis of a multilateral open international treaty between the states of the “civilized world”.

3) creation of a special tribunal as a court that will operate on the basis of Ukrainian law and Ukrainian jurisdiction (that is, it will be part of the judicial system of Ukraine) with the involvement of an international element in its formation and activities (international judges and prosecutors, location in Europe, international support).

Smirnov told reporters that the idea of ​​a trial of the Russian leadership was supported in many Western countries.

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