In Kazakhstan, a ninth-grader with an ax and a knife attacked schoolchildren

In Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan (the administrative center of the North Kazakhstan region), a ninth-grader attacked students of secondary school No. 4 with an ax and a knife, Sputnik Kazakhstan news agency reports today, February 13, citing the regional education department.

“This morning, a ninth-grade student came to class and injured three children. Two of them are in a children’s hospital with stab wounds to the head and forearm. The third child received medical assistance on the spot,” – the department said in a statement.

According to eyewitnesses, entering the building, the teenager went up to the second floor, went to the toilet, changed clothes and put on a mask. Then he went out into the corridor, where he wounded in turn a student and two students of grades 9-10, after which the bloodied one went down to the first floor.

The local police department’s investigation team is currently working at the school.

According to unofficial information circulated in messengers, the attacker is registered with a psychiatrist and has been treated in the regional psychiatric hospital for several months.

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