In Britain, the parliamentarian pointed to the depleted military reserves of the country

In Britain, the parliamentarian said that in the event of war, the country will last no more than five days

Britain’s armed forces will “hold out for about five days” in the event of war due to the serious depletion of military supplies. This statement was made on February 10 by the head of the defense committee of the British Parliament. Tobias Ellwoodaccording to the Financial Times.

British Armed Forces

British Armed Forces

“High inflation and the cost of replacing equipment sent to Ukraine has created a ‘really grim picture’ and led to a serious depletion of military stocks,” Ellwood pointed out.

According to Ellwood, the British Armed Forces are seriously short of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, which, by decision of the authorities, were transferred to Ukraine as military assistance.

It is noted that the Ministry of Defense is privately discussing measures to save the budget. In particular, as such measures, a decision can be made to mothball the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales, reducing the number of air force sorties and special forces operations.

Previously IA REGNUM reported that Kyiv is ready to use long-range missiles in Crimea, which they expect to receive from the UK.

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