How to save money on buying real estate in Tyumen

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Real estate experts do not advise postponing the purchase of an apartment or plot in anticipation of a decrease in value. According to realtors, the ever-changing economic situation does not allow for long-term forecasts. But experts have their own life cards that will help you acquire square meters for the benefit of life. Ilnur Ishkiev, a realtor of the Etazhi real estate agency, told URA.RU about them.

The best time is now

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Experts believe that you should not wait a certain time to buy

Experts say that there is no ideal, seasonal or very profitable time to buy a home. Although the market situation is changing, it is not critical. “You should not wait, because there is no sharp jump or rise in real estate prices. There is a certain cyclicity with an interval of 3-4 years, but again, it is insignificant. For example, there was a clear trend from 2015 to 2017. And now, starting from March 2022, the price has been declining, but not much. There is no point in waiting, and there is no point in postponing the purchase of a product you like,” says Ilnur Ishkiev.

The realtor adds that the only thing to consider when buying an apartment is the time when the apartment was advertised for sale. “At the start, the price will be more acceptable, and then the price per square meter will rise in stages,” the expert concludes.

Bonuses from the developer

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The developer can offer a parking lot or storage room as a gift

Some developers arrange special promotions or bonuses for their customers. In addition, the company often makes discounts for regular customers. Sometimes a generous developer may offer future tenants a gift of storerooms or shares to buy a parking lot, or even give it away for free. “Beneficial offers are either at the start of sales, or on New Year’s Eve. Smart marketing works that stimulates sales. These are, for example, pantries as a gift, some individual shares for illiquid apartments that are not for sale, ”the realtor comments.

In addition, developers have their own “Black Friday”. A gift in the form of a parking lot is also a common way in Temenya to attract customers. So, a few years ago, a leading developer gave his buyers a parking lot as a gift, regardless of the area purchased. The market value of its sale could reach up to 400 thousand rubles.

Bargaining is appropriate

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The amount of the discount depends on the class of housing and the market value

When buying an apartment on the secondary market, you can always bargain, but you need to take into account the nuances. “Bargaining is always individual and depends on the segment. For example, if I choose for myself the old housing stock and economy class housing, if it costs around one or two million rubles, then in this case bargaining is meant within fifty thousand rubles. But you can try to knock out a discount and up to a hundred thousand. And when we consider the segment of more elite housing, where the price starts from ten million rubles and more, then bargaining can reach up to a million,” says Ilnur Ishkiev.

When bargaining, the realtor also asks to take into account pricing. For example, if sellers sell an apartment at a market price, then you should not count on big discounts. But if the price is too high, then in this case the discount can reach large sums.

If not an apartment, then…

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The most promising sites are considered to be in the area of ​​the village of Paderina
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As an investment, experts also advise considering the purchase of a land plot within the city. According to Ilnur Ishkiev, the most demanded is the land along the Moscow and Irbit highways. “Liquid areas are always within the city, where it is already built up. It is much more difficult to sell an open field where there is no gas yet, no electricity. And when a certain infrastructure has already been formed, when the buyer sees his neighbors who have already built up, it is always interesting and the pricing is different, ”the specialist shares.

As an example, the expert considers a sharp rise in prices for land plots near the village of Paderina. “Initially, the field was empty, the price started from 500 thousand rubles for plots. And the maximum increase during the year amounted to around two million rubles. The roads have been cleared and there will be a road junction in the future. Kindergarten, school. It is clear that the land will cost from 4-5 million rubles, ”the realtor predicts.

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