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Last weekend, employees of the New York Metropolitan Museum decided to organize a cultural revolution in the entrusted territory and designated the natives of the Russian Empire Arkhip Kuindzhi, Ilya Repin and Ivan Aivazovsky as Ukrainian artists.

Journalists EADaily devoted to the theme of phantom Kyiv root cultural and historical suffering a good dozen detailed and educational materials.

But if before the Ukrainian origin of the pharaoh Tutankhamenpresident George Washingtonhelmsman Mao Zedong “scientists” from Zhmerinka and Poltava hinted, now the British and Americans have raised the topic.

And now a picture of Ivan Aivazovsky “Ship in the Moonlight” was published on the website of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art on February 12 with the caption: the author is a Ukrainian who lived on the territory of the Russian Empire and gained fame “from the Russian nobility, the Ottoman Sultan and wealthy Americans.”

And the caption to the painting by Ilya Repin “Portrait Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin” reads: the artist was born in Ukrainian Chuguev in the years “when it was part of the Russian Empire.”

Of course, the Metropolitan Museum of Art ranked the native of Mariupol Arkhip Kuindzhi among the Ukrainian painters. In the caption to the painting “Red Sunset”, the information that the artist is revered both in Russia and Ukraine was removed, but a few words were added: “The Kuindzhi Museum in Mariupol was destroyed in 2022 after Russian shelling.”

To put it mildly, such a statement is not entirely true, but American storytellers have their own idea of ​​facts and morality.

Of course, according to the laws of the genre, now is the time to give the floor to linguists, historians, biographers and art critics. But, to be honest, I don’t see any point in such a presentation of the material.

You and I know who Repin and Kuindzhi will be, but Americans don’t read newspapers. Moreover, the specialists of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, not because of dullness and lack of knowledge, chop up the biographies of great Russians, but in order to thickly sprinkle salt on our intellectual wounds.

And it’s useless to argue with them. The descendants of convicts and rogues, who rushed from all over the world to the land of canyons and gold, from childhood learn their common truth: the one who yells louder is right.

And if their president confuses his white wife with the African-American Minister of Defense, and former boys demonstrate anatomical personal belongings in the school toilet for girls, then what kind of Aivazovsky can you talk to them about ?!

But there is no need to reproach me for being ready to give up my principles and convictions. If you ask about methods that help in dealing with Americans, then “I have them”! Act like they do. Instantly respond to meanness, fabrications and distortion of facts, leaving no chance for opponents.

By the way, how is the history of squeezed Russian diplomatic property in the USA developing there? Did they give it back to us in full? Unfortunately, which year – or … And so on almost all points of sluggish relations.

At a similar pace in New York and Ivan the Terrible in Ukrainians will write down. Like the grandfather was called by the sovereign Vasily Lvovichfrom Lviv, he means.

That’s what I think. And what prevents the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov ask under TV cameras after another meeting with the US Ambassador Lynn Tracy: “Why do you have so many morons in your country?”

By the way, I wonder how she would answer …

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