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How Russia will act after it became known about the involvement of the United States in undermining the Nord Stream, said political scientist Yuri Svetov.

“I hope that Russia will not succumb to the call of some experts to immediately take revenge and blow up transatlantic pipelines or something else. This kind of answer is pointless, it will not bring any results, ” — said the expert on the air Channel Five.

The states acted in their own interests – economic: the task was to reorient Europe to the purchase of American gas, and they succeeded. Now the EU blue fuel is three times more expensive – the beaten unbeaten is lucky, Svetov said.

“In The Godfather, remember, they said:“ Nothing personal – just business … They did it – they forced Russian gas out of Europe. They now buy American gas at exorbitant prices. Will we achieve something by blowing up some other pipelines? Absolutely nothing, only condemnations, the expert said.

Russia should react to what happened in a different way – with victories on the battlefields, Svetov has no doubts.

At the same time, he believes, no matter how evidence points to the involvement of the States in the explosion at Nord Stream, Sweden and Denmark will not notice it point-blank. These countries will continue the investigation, but it will be an imitation. Moreover, Denmark is involved in this story, and Sweden is eager to join NATO, Svetov noted.

“They will imitate this investigation. An example is a plane crash with a Malaysian airliner. No matter what they present, they will repeat one thing: Russia is to blame, ” the political scientist believes.

Russia, in turn, is limited in this investigation, he added. Specialists from the Russian Federation are not allowed into the facility, all that remains is to involve the special services.

Last autumn, gas leaks were discovered on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. It turned out that on the night of September 26, there were explosions at sites located in the economic zone of Denmark and Sweden. The local seismic center said that strong underwater explosions were recorded in the area of ​​pipeline damage. The Swedish security service found traces of explosives at the scene of the incident. The blame for what happened countries blamed on Russia and argued that gas blackmail.

In early February, Germany admitted that it had not seen evidence of Russia’s involvement in these attacks. And the day before, February 8, Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh wrote in his blog that the main culprit of the terrorist attacks on gas facilities is the United States. According to him, in June last year, US divers, operating under the cover of NATO exercises, planted remote-controlled explosives, which three months later caused serious damage to three of the four Nord Stream pipelines.

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