How Long Can People Survive in the Rubble of an Earthquake?


How Is it possible to survive for so long in the rubble after an earthquake?

Up Experts estimate that it could last up to seven days. However, this will depend on how injured they are and the weather conditions.

Most Rescues are usually performed within 24 hours of a disaster. After Experts agree that survival rates drop with each passing day. Many Victims are often badly injured or buried by falling stones and other debris.

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“Typically, it is rare to find survivors after the fifth to seventh days, and most search and rescue teams will consider stopping by then,” said Dr. Jarone Lee, an emergency and disaster medicine expert at Massachusetts General Hospital. ”ButMany stories are told of people who survived well beyond the seven-day mark. UnfortunatelyThese are rare and exceptional cases.

People Traumatic injuries such as crush injuries or limb amputations are the most serious of all survival situations. Dr. George ChiampasA specialist in emergency medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg Medical school

“If you don’t pull them out in one hour, in that golden hour, there’s really a very low chance of survival,’’ he said.

Those There are also grim prospects for those with other diseases, whose health is dependent on medication. Chiampas said.

AgeAll aspects of your mental, physical, and emotional health are critical.

“You see a lot of different scenarios where we’ve had some some really miraculous saves and people have survived under horrible conditions.,” said Dr. Christopher Colwell, an emergency medicine specialists at the University of California, San Francisco. “They They are often younger and more likely to have found a way to access essential elements such as air or water.

After The 2011 Japan After being trapped for nine days in their flattened house, a teenager was saved by the tsunami. The An 16-year old was killed in a car accident. Haitian Girl was rescued from earthquake rubble Port-Au-Prince after 15 days.

Mental State can also impact survival. People People who are trapped near bodies and have no contact with rescuers or other survivors may give up on hope. Chiampas noted.

“If you have someone who is alive, you’re leaning on each other to keep fighting,’’ he said.

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