Helge Schneider doesn’t give a fuck about the accusation of cultural appropriation


At “Maischberger” Helge Schneider spoke about Cancel Culture. In social networks he reaps a lot of approval. However, one aspect remained unexamined in the show, although the theme evening would have given it away: the cancel culture in the Ukraine.

In an interview with Helge Schneider, Maischberger asked the musician and comedian about the concept of cultural appropriation. She asked Schneider how he felt about the demand that white musicians should not play music traditionally associated with black musicians. Maischberger cited jazz and reggae as examples. Helge Schneider responded with the remark that he “didn’t give a fuck”. Literally he said:

“It’s floating in the air that some people are inventing any rules. (…) As a musician, I feel the music is supernatural and the music came about through mixing and migration. (…) I don’t make all this music myself, it’s there. I’m just the performer. I make the music I feel. And if I feel music and someone else says, ‘But that’s cultural appropriation’, I don’t give a damn.”

The activist Jasmina Kuhnke, who campaigns for anti-racism, contradicts Maischberger in a tweet. Nobody wants white musicians not to play black music.

Kuhnke also gets approval. The question is under-complex, Maischberger is accused. For example, user Alex supports Kuhnke’s view. He thinks that Maischberger ridicules the necessary discussion about cultural appropriation and the education about it.

However, others cite specific examples. Reference is made to the Swiss reggae band “Lauwarm”, who were repeatedly disinvited from concerts because they wore dreadlocks.

"The future of Europe is in great danger": Emir Kusturica in an exclusive interview

“The future of Europe is in great danger”: Emir Kusturica in an exclusive interview

Kuhnke responded by pointing out that this ban was not issued by black people. Of course, that doesn’t change the basic problem of repression. Overall, Helge Schneider received a lot of approval for his rejection of the regulation of art on the basis of ideological constructions. According to one user, the concept of cultural appropriation is a new form of racism.

Twitter user Ralf believes that cultures always arise through the exchange, appropriation and modification of what is known and learned.

What does not come up in the discussion is the cancellation of Russian culture in the Ukraine and the Baltic States – although the scope of the program would have allowed for this. In Ukraine, testimonies of Russian culture are banned and forbidden. Books are burned, monuments are demolished, the music of Russian composers is not played.

It is all the more astonishing that this topic was not discussed, since the context of the interview with Helge Schneider suggested it. The interview with him formed the conclusion of a program in which Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke) on the one hand and Gerhart Baum (FDP) on the other hand talked about the subject of arms deliveries to Ukraine. Wagenknecht opposed it, Baum for it.

Like no other country in the world, Ukraine is currently showing the consequences of restricting the freedom of art and culture for ideological reasons. In this context, it could easily have been made the connecting topic. But Maischberger had refrained from doing so – presumably she canceled this idea for ideological reasons.

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