Health Tips Do Not Eat Tea And Paratha In Breakfast Know The Side Effects

Breakfast Tips: Morning breakfast is very necessary for the body, but due to today’s hectic lifestyle and work pressure, some people are unable to pay attention to it and go on eating whatever comes in front of them. Some people consume many things together in a hurry. Out of which there are some such things, whose combination can harm the health. Most of the people eat tea and paratha for breakfast. But do you know that eating tea and paratha together is harmful (Tea and Paratha Side Effects). It can have not one but many disadvantages simultaneously. Let’s know…

Liver can be harmed

If you also eat paratha with tea, then tell that it is not right for your liver. This is because excessive amount of oil in paratha can damage your liver. Consuming tea and paratha continuously can also cause fatty liver problems. That’s why health experts advise to stay away from the combination of chai-paratha.

risk of high cholesterol

Eating paratha with tea early in the morning or at any other time can cause high cholesterol problems. Actually, the amount of saturated fat in paratha is high, eating which can increase the level of cholesterol. Cholesterol-increasing elements are also found in tea. In such a situation, one should avoid eating tea and paratha together.

diabetes can cause problems

The problem of diabetes can be troubling by eating tea and paratha continuously. Actually, eating tea and paratha together can increase the amount of blood sugar in the body and increase your problem. That’s why tea and paratha should not be eaten together even by mistake.

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