Greater Noida Road Accident: Bus Crushses Four To Death While Injuring Three Others


There is shocking news coming forward related to a terrible bus accident and this news is getting a lot of attention on the internet. This accident incident took place in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, and in this accident some people injured also. This news is rapidly circulating on the internet and various other pages of social media. In this accident 7 seven people were crushed by the bus. Let us discuss the whole incident in detail and we will also share some information related to this terrible incident, so read the article completely.

As per the exclusive sources and news, This accident is being reported from the area of Badalpur police station and this accident happened in the Greater Noida of Uttar Pradesh. It is coming out that seven people were crushed in this accident in which four people died at the incident scene and three of them get very major injuries in this accident. The three people who got major injuries were immediately rushed to the hospital and they are undergoing treatment. This news is spread like fire and running on the top of the news on the internet. There is an investigation is ongoing and this news became a topic of discussion.

Greater Noida Road Accident Explained

As per the reports, those people who were crushed by the bus in this bus accident were going back to their homes in a group. This accident occurred on NH-91 in the area of Badalpur police station. This bus was on the way to Noida and after this terrible, the bus driver ran far away from the incident place. The police arrive just after getting the reports of the bus accident and the police began their investigation and continue their investigation. The people who were crushed in this bus accident were working in the company of Hero Motors and they are the workers of Hero Motors Company.

The dead body of four people was sent to the postpartum by the Bhagalpur police and the police searching some more information about the dead people. UP 32 LN 3295 is the bus number and this bus is being said of Noida Depot. This bus is taken under the police and police searching for the bus driver who drives the bus when this accident took place. The cases of the accident are increasing day-by-day and most times the reason is coming out as drinking and driving behind the accident. Stay tuned with to get more articles on the latest and other news topics.

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