Gov. Spencer Cox discuses transgender sports ban, surgeries

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SALT LAKE CITY — Last March, Gov. Spencer Cox vetoed A bill that prohibited transgender girls from participating in school sports. In JanuaryHe Signed A bill prohibiting surgeries and medical intervention for transgender minors.

In A live conversation with Washington Post journalists ThursdayHe explained his options.

Cox He began by pledging to be an ally for the LGBTQ community. He Furthermore, it is hard to talk about sex-characteristic and reassignment surgeries.

“I have found that it is virtually impossible to have a rational conversation with people about this,” Cox said. “People’s minds are already made up and in very passionate ways.”

That’s The governor sought out answers from other countries, which is why he chose to go abroad. “the culture wars aren’t blazing” The U.S. is just as good as it is here He He said that he had found this in places such as Sweden, Finland In the U.K., doctors have stopped performing surgery on children younger than 18 years old due to a lack of research and potential long-term harm.

“And that’s what we’ve done in the state of Utah. We’re pushing pause, gathering the best science we can before we make a decision on how we’re going to proceed,” Cox said.

Cox We also discussed the “possibility of social contagion,” The idea that social pressures and mental health issues may be contributing to the rising number of transgender youth.

“This is very different from 10 years ago and the people that were transitioning at that time,” He said.

Considering Cox’s Reporter believes in limited government Theodoric Meyer Questioned why? Cox I believe the government should have an input in parents’ and children’s medical decisions. Cox According to the government, the government is always there for youth.

“It’s very common that we do what we can to protect young people, and that’s what this bill attempts to do,” Cox said.

Ultimately, Cox However, this bill might not be the final word in the matter.

“It’s not a forever prohibition,” He said. “We will revisit this as we collect more data.”

LGBTQ groups have made it clear that they will challenge The bill was filed in court. It stated that medical interventions, often called gender-affirming treatments, are vital to the health and well-being of transgender youth.

During You can watch the livestream here Cox He also spoke out about his reaction to Biden’s State The Union address, Utah’s Response to Great Salt Lake CrisisThe toxicity of America’s Political climate

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