Geophysicist told what Russia should be taught by earthquakes in Turkey

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Powerful earthquake hits Turkey

Turkey was not ready for a powerful earthquake, there could have been fewer victims if people had a step-by-step action plan. From this situation it is necessary to draw conclusions to the authorities of all seismically dangerous countries, including Russia. This was stated by the director of the Unified Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences Yuri Vinogradov.

“This earthquake should be a lesson, first of all, for our country. After all, the mentality of Russians and Turks is largely similar. We can say that Turkey was completely unprepared for this earthquake <...> The number of victims could be significantly reduced if people were prepared for a strong earthquake, knew how to behave correctly at its first signs, ”said the geophysicist in an interview with RIA News. According to him, earthquake forecasts appeared several years ago, we are talking about a seismically hazardous zone.

Vinogradov recommends that the authorities of the countries at risk develop manuals with safety precautions in case of cataclysms. There, in particular, it should be indicated that during an earthquake the first shock is always not the strongest. The second and third will be much stronger, while the person will only have a couple of minutes to take security measures. “You should not shoot on the phone how your chandelier is swinging, but hide – at least under the bed or in the doorway of your apartment,” the geophysicist advises.

Another rule, according to him, is to “grab children and documents” and run to the basement, where rescuers will surely be able to get. The scientist also calls to pay attention to the behavior of animals. Cats, dogs, and livestock are the first to get nervous and fussy when jolts appear.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.7, which occurred on the morning of February 6, claimed the lives of more than 20 thousand people, the agency reports. Nation News. The reason for such strong shocks could be a slowdown in the rotation of the earth’s core, reports VSE42.Ru. The head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, offered to provide all necessary assistance in eliminating the consequences of the earthquake, clarifies “Reedus”. Geophysicist of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Gorshkov predicted a repetition of the Turkish earthquake in the Crimea, which is located in the same seismic belt, warns “Tsargrad”.

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