From March 1, Russians will be able to save on housing and communal services

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Under the new rules, which will come into force on March 1, you can not pay for garbage collection if you have not been at home for more than five days. Corresponding changes will appear in the rules for the provision of housing and communal services.

“For recalculation, you need to go to the management company, write a statement there, attaching documents to it that clearly indicate that you have not littered for a long time, that is, you were not at home,” reports Parliamentary Newspaper. Documents proving your absence can be travel documents, railway or air tickets, tourist vouchers. You can make such a recalculation within thirty days of your return.

From March 1, for some Russians, utility bills will grow. Expenses for general house needs will be distributed according to new rules: the method of analogues. If the house does not have a meter that records real consumption, then management companies can use the standards calculated in houses of similar design.


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