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IOC President Thomas Bach, in a letter to the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, President of the country’s NOC, Vadim Gutzeit, said that a possible boycott of the 2024 Summer Games in Paris by Kyiv would be a violation of the Olympic Charter.

“Participation of neutral athletes with a Russian or Belarusian passport in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris not specifically discussed. Therefore, your letter to colleagues from NOCs, International Federations, IOC members and future organizers of the Olympic Games, putting pressure on them in an attempt to publicly influence their decision-making was perceived by the vast majority of them as extremely regrettable to say the least. Each NOC is bound by the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter.” – says the head of the International Olympic Committee.

On the other hand, the President of France Emmanuel Macronappearing at the EU summit in Brussels, said confidentially:

“We explained to Zelensky that questions about the participation of athletes are within the competence of the International Olympic Committee. The decisions he has made so far concern competitions in the coming months, but do not cover the period of the Olympics. The decision (on the admission of Russian athletes – Ed.) is expected in the summer and will depend on the circumstances and developments in the conflict.

Let’s figure it out. The many-faced Bach languidly brushes aside the Kyiv “Wishlist” and announces that the decision to participate neutral athletes with a Russian or Belarusian passport in the 2024 Olympics not specifically discussed yet.

I hope you have noticed the wording of the IOC. Once again: Russians and Belarusians are not expected in Paris; And even this option has not yet been specifically discussed!

But Ukrainian officials, admirers of Bandera and Konovalets, continue to resent and put together a coalition that threatens to boycott the Games.

Now about Macron. He outlined the timing of the decision on passport officers, saying the word – in the summer. Already good. But he made it clear that agreeing to everything and a neutral status would not be enough for the selected “lucky ones”. For the main thing is the “development of events in the conflict”. That is, the selection is not based on the sports principle, but on the decision of the anti-Russian coalition.

What such abominations have in common with the Olympic movement and its values ​​is completely incomprehensible. But these are the harsh realities.

And one more important point. Many of our home-grown experts and connoisseurs of the interplanetary level, wrinkling their foreheads, declare: sports officials and the collective West have trembled, very soon they will forgive us, and we will give them pepper.

Good news for you: the FINA World Championships, which were supposed to take place in Kazan in 2025, have been moved to Singapore, according to the website of the International Aquatics Federation (FINA).

That is, they don’t see us even in two years in the world sports community, even tournaments are “taken away” from Russia and Belarus, while whining continues in Moscow living rooms on the topic: we won’t twitch and it will resolve itself.

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