Forced recruitment across the country – Ukraine is running out of men


Real manhunts are taking place in the Ukrainian cities. The freshly mobilized newcomers, including the elderly and the sick, are sent to the most difficult front sections as cannon fodder. According to some sources, the number of soldiers killed could now be more than 200,000.

By Vladislav Sankin

Regular raids are taking place in many Ukrainian cities. Strong men in camouflage uniforms – employees of military registration and recruitment offices – cordoned off entire streets, stopping men of draft age and handing them subpoenas. The men are often seized directly, dragged into cars and driven away in an unknown direction.

Passers-by or those accompanying those affected record this procedure with cameras and then post the videos on the Internet. There is no shortage of examples of these incidents. The scenes sometimes take place in gyms, cafes, train stations and even at church masses and funerals.

“This is the democracy we deserve. Four strong men go through the residential area and catch young guys on the left bank of the Dnieper,” comments the author of one such video.

Some scenes are heartbreaking, like one from the Chernihiv region in the north. Mother and child beg the uninvited visitors for mercy. Undeterred by the screams and the resistance of the family, the masked men continue the arrest: the husband and father is taken away by force.

Like a cow to the slaughterhouse, you could say. Or like a prisoner to forced labor. As was the case in Ukraine during World War II, when the German Nazis and their henchmen deported millions of civilians and treated them as half-slaves. Unfortunately, such comparisons are no exaggeration. It is not uncommon for Ukrainian soldiers to tell the Russian military shortly after their capture what ultimately happens to those who are forced to be recruited from Ukraine.

Why are eight new assault brigades being formed in Ukraine?


Why are eight new assault brigades being formed in Ukraine?

For example, a soldier from the 72nd Mechanized Brigade from Uzhgorod in western Ukraine reported that recruiters had caught him on a bus on his way to work. Despite a heart condition, he was put in a car and sent to the Donbass front. “Either you die because of the heart, or you will be killed,” he was told. The Russian radio station has the video Westi FM published on his Telegram channel.

The soldier said that his position was first bombarded with artillery and then stormed. He was bruised and hid in a trench. Then, after a fierce battle, the Russians demanded that he and his comrades lay down their arms and surrender. Those who didn’t do this and continued fighting died, the soldier said. “There were a lot of deaths,” he emphasized. He specifically asked the Ukrainian soldiers to surrender or flee the front to save their lives.

A similar story was told by Andrei Koval from the 68th Jaeger Brigade. He too was forcibly recruited on the way to work. He received little military training prior to combat. “We shot a little,” he said of the scope of the military exercise. At the front, the soldier then came into conflict with his superior and was sent to the front line, without weapons. He was captured during a Russian offensive. 47 soldiers from his company were wounded or killed – more than two thirds. The soldier finds it difficult to speak his words, he is sobbing, breathing heavily, he is obviously wounded or in a state of shock.

Humanity in the trenches?  What Western propaganda is hiding


Humanity in the trenches? What Western propaganda is hiding

There is little reason not to consider these videos authentic. Such stories are consistently told over and over again. These men were lucky because the Ukrainian side will stop at nothing to prevent such captures. An officer of the Donetsk People’s Militia Andrei Marochko told last week RIA Novosti announced that a group of twelve Ukrainian soldiers raised the white flag and were immediately eliminated by their own artillery fire. This information, like other information relevant to the war, cannot of course be independently verified.

Apparently soldiers are moved from position to position, and the rotation of the Ukrainian military consists simply of simply moving them to a different position every few days under the cover of night. They are disoriented and often don’t know where they are, making surrender or defection very difficult. This was described by a platoon leader of the Donetsk People’s Militia in a live stream on the Telegram channel concrete no. He and his soldiers have been fighting over Marjinka, a well-fortified western suburb of Donetsk, for months.

Of course there are still enough motivated and combative men in Ukraine. But their number is dwindling day by day. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said 6,500 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in January. US Colonel Douglas Macgregor said in a YouTube conversation that Kyiv has lost 257,000 people since the start of the Russian military operation, according to Ukrainian General Valery Zalushniy. He is said to have shared this number with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chief of Staff Mark A. Miley. Just a few months ago, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed so far. So far, this information has not been refuted with any number. All of this information suggests that the world’s largest death toll since the Vietnam War is currently taking place in Ukraine.

Fight to the last Ukrainian: "Throwing corpses" in the name of democracy


Fight to the last Ukrainian: “Throwing corpses” in the name of democracy

In recent weeks, the Western media have also paid attention to this issue. That’s what they reported New York Times about hospitals overflowing with the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers in the nearby hinterland, west of the embattled city of Bakhmut (Artjomowsk). The French TV station France 24 filmed a funeral at the military cemetery in Kharkov: “Graves as far as the eye can see,” said the reporter. Five hundred soldiers are now resting here. A 40-year-old Ukrainian artilleryman was buried in the film; present: mother, wife and daughter.

“Why do we have this war in the 21st century?” asked a woman present at the ceremony, believed to be a friend. “The genetic pool, the future of our country, is being killed when so many young men are dying. I have no words to describe my emotions,” said another, crying.

Senseless death? Not at all. According to Kiev officials, ordinary Ukrainians are dying for a higher purpose, for Western “values” and victory over Russia – mankind’s supposed dream. That’s what Ukrainian Ambassador to Britain and ex-Foreign Minister Vadim Pristaiko told the British magazine Newsweek in January:

“The West now has a unique opportunity. There are not many nations in the world that would risk sacrificing so many lives, territories and decades of development to defeat their archenemy.”

The Ukrainian Defense Minister, Alexei Resnikov, was even clearer in an interview – with a view to western arms deliveries:

“Today we fulfill NATO’s mission without losing their blood, with the loss of our blood. That’s why they (NATO) have to pay for the weapons.”

Russia, on the other hand, has repeatedly signaled that it does not want so many soldiers to die in Ukraine. Russia does not want a war to the last Ukrainian, the head of the foreign intelligence service SVR, Sergei Naryshkin, told SVR RIA Novosti. And he added:

“We understand that most of the Ukrainian population are ordinary people who want to lead a peaceful life. But these people have become both hostages and victims of the totalitarian Kiev regime and victims of the aggressive policy of the NATO bloc.”

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