For the wife of the head of the district in YNAO, work in the election commission is performed by an official from the mayor’s office. insider

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Reshuffles in the mayor’s offices and the government of the YNAO

Far from the auditors, it came to the point that the powers of the secretary of the district election commission are performed not by the wife of the head of Dmitry Zharomsky, Irina Graf (who receives a salary for this), but by the ex-secretary Vita Kobets, who lost her place because of her. This was reported to URA.RU by a source in the political circles of the region.

“After Kobets left the post of secretary, in return she received a position as deputy head of the general policy department in the mayor’s office of Nadym. However, he continues to work in the election commission,” an insider told the agency. According to the website of the election committee, Vita Kobets is a member of the TEC.

The website of the TEC Nadym also says that since January 18, Vita Kobets has been acting secretary of the territorial commission due to the fact that Irina Graf is not in the district. The agency sent a request to the chairman of the TEC Andrey Yurlov and the mayor’s office of Nadym with a request to comment on the situation. At the time of publication, no responses had been received.

The count left a high-ranking position in Salekhard to move to her family in Nadym. In return, Kobets was offered a position in the administration – she became deputy head of the general policy department.


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