For the sake of German support for Kyiv, Biden decided to let the Germans freeze

Journalist Hersh: Biden decided to freeze the Germans in the winter, but not let Germany refuse to help Kyiv

American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh declared that the President of the United States Joe Biden, having decided to blow up the Nord Streams, thereby “decided to let the Germans freeze”, but not to let them stop providing assistance to Kyiv. He said this in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Gage Skidmore

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According to Hersh, the American leader decided to attack after more than nine months of secret discussions with the national security team.

“There are many ways to check the little known information that I have. Personal attacks on me also distort the essence. The fact is that Biden decided to let the Germans freeze this winter. The president would rather see Germany freeze than not support Kyiv, and for me that is a devastating thing for the White House.” Seymour Hersh said.

The participants in the sabotage operation realized that Biden “wants to freeze the Germans for his momentary political goals, and this horrified them”.

As reported IA REGNUMJoe Biden, out of fear, postponed the bombing of Nord Stream from June to September 2022 – the participants in this terrorist attack considered the operation insane, Seymour Hersh said.


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