Flights over Moldova resumed, the reason for the closure of the sky is not named


The Interdepartmental Commission for Airspace Management of Moldova has notified that the airspace of the republic is open again.

Today at 11:24 local time (12:24 Moscow time), in order to ensure safety, it was decided to temporarily close the sky over the Republic of Moldova. The Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that at 14:47 (15:47 Moscow time) flights were resumed over the Republic of Moldova. While the official reason is not called. The government said more details will be released soon.

According to information that has not yet been confirmed, perhaps it is an unknown reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle seen over Chisinau.

Earlier, Air Moldova, Flyone and HiSky warned about changing the schedule of their flights due to the closure of airspace. All planes heading to Moldova landed in Romanian Iasi.

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