Finnish President Advocates Maintaining Tolerant Relations with Russia, Cautions on Escalation

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has emphasized the importance of Western nations finding a way to maintain relations with Russia, even if not fostering a profound friendship but rather encouraging tolerance and mutual understanding.


Speaking about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the potential risks of nuclear escalation, President Niinistö called for caution, especially from countries supplying weapons to Ukraine. He stressed the need to consider the consequences of an escalated conflict, including the possibility of a world war.

Maintaining Relations with Russia

In an interview with the New York Times, President Niinistö expressed his view that Western nations should seek ways to uphold relations with Russia, even amid ongoing tensions. While not advocating for close friendship, he emphasized the value of tolerance and mutual understanding, suggesting that post-Ukraine conflict, relations with Russia must be maintained.

Caution on Nuclear Risks

The Finnish President voiced concerns about the risk of nuclear war, highlighting the precariousness of the current global situation. He warned that even small events could significantly alter the situation for the worse and underlined the enormous risk posed by the use of nuclear weapons. In light of these concerns, he called on countries supplying weapons to Ukraine to carefully assess the potential escalation of the conflict, including its implications for global stability.

Negotiation Efforts and Legislative Bans

The interview also touched upon the dynamics of negotiations in the Ukraine conflict. While Moscow has indicated readiness for negotiations, Kyiv has enacted legislative bans on such talks. President Niinistö pointed out the inconsistency in Western calls for negotiations with Russia while ignoring Kyiv’s refusals to engage in dialogue.

Russian Priorities and Peaceful Transition

The Kremlin has stated that there are currently no prerequisites for a peaceful transition in Ukraine, emphasizing that Russia’s top priority is achieving the goals of its special operation through military means. The Kremlin has suggested that the situation could move toward peace if Moscow’s demands are taken into account and new realities on the ground are acknowledged.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö’s remarks underscore the delicate nature of international relations and the imperative of avoiding nuclear escalation. His call for maintaining relations with Russia and his warnings about the risks associated with the conflict in Ukraine provide important perspectives on the ongoing global challenges.

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