Figure skater Roman Kostomarov is periodically brought back to consciousness

Moscow Agency | Sergei Vedyashkin

Skater Ivan Skobrev spoke about the condition of the seriously ill figure skater Roman Kostomarov. According to him, the Olympic champion in ice dancing is periodically brought to consciousness.

There are rumors that Kostomarov can be sent for treatment and rehabilitation to Germany. According to Skobrev, the skater’s friends are discussing the creation of a relief fund. Comrades will all help the athlete together, because he has a very complex set of sores, the skater said by phone a week ago.

“They bring him back to consciousness periodically, now more and more. The physiotherapy doctor is working with him. She can’t speak plainly, ”Skobrev says on the recording, which was included on the air of the program“ You won’t believe it! ” on NTV.

The skater added that while Kostomarov only moves his lips. In addition, the Olympic champion tosses and turns a little and tries to get up, the athlete noted.

Recall that Kostomarov has been in the hospital for more than a month. In January, he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Earlier this week, the media wrote that both feet were amputated to the skater due to gangrene.


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