Farrakhov urged officials to turn to small business face

Airat Farrakhov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes (United Russia), sent official requests to the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Economic Development with a proposal to inform entrepreneurs about the exclusion from the register of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). “Parliamentary newspaper” got acquainted with the responses of departments.

Now, any participant in the unified register of SMEs, and there are more than six million of them registered today, can be excluded from this list for any reason without notice, the politician explained in a comment to our publication.

He said that both the Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Tax Service supported the proposal conceptually. True, the tax authorities believe that “the introduction of automatic notification of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will require additional funding from the budget” for further processing of the software of the tax department.

However, Farrakhov insists that the participants in the unified register must be notified in time about the exclusion from it. “If we say that we are turning to business, we must do so,” the deputy is convinced. After all, excluded entrepreneurs are deprived of benefits and cannot timely prepare the necessary documents to restore the status of SMEs.

He assured that he would continue working with the departments and would prepare a draft law on this topic.

Read the full article on the Parlamentskaya Gazeta website at a later date.


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