Exclusion procedure initiated – CDU wants to throw Maassen out

The top of the Christian Democrats is setting the course to get rid of their member Hans-Georg Maassen. After various criticized statements, the party says it is “a clear border to the outside right”. However, the elimination process could take a long time.

Former President for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maassen is to be expelled from the CDU. The federal board decided on Monday to initiate a corresponding procedure, such as the dpa wants to have learned from groups of participants.

CDU: "Now it has to be over" – is Hans-Georg Maassen now threatened with expulsion from the party?

CDU: “Now it has to be over” – is Hans-Georg Maassen now threatened with expulsion from the party?

A longer, difficult elimination process is expected. In the first instance, a district party court in Thuringia is responsible.

Maassen had previously failed to comply with a request from the party leadership to leave and in a statement also rejected all allegations of party-damaging behavior. Among other things, the CDU leadership accused the 60-year-old of using “language from the milieu of anti-Semites and conspiracy ideologues to ethnic expressions”.

Shortly before the deliberations of the top committees in Berlin, General Secretary Mario Czaja confirmed that Maassen had “clearly distanced himself from the basic positions of the CDU both in his choice of words and in his content”. “A fire wall” had been breached by Maassen. And further:

“He has lost nothing in the CDU.”

Maaßen, a member of the CDU for many years, ran unsuccessfully as a direct candidate for the CDU in the 2021 federal elections in Thuringia. He has no office or functions in the party. Since the end of January he has been the federal chairman of the conservative Values ​​Union, which is not an organization of the CDU. At the end of January, the CDU presidium issued a “political disapproval” for the Union of Values. Anyone who is a CDU member cannot also be a member of the Union of Values.

Maassen had triggered criticism with various statements. On Twitter, for example, he explained that the thrust of the “driving forces in the political and media space” was “eliminatory racism against whites”. In an interview he spoke of “red-green racial theory”. In his statement, which became known over the weekend, the lawyer emphasized:

“The political aim of the smear and character assassination campaign against me and the party expulsion procedure is obviously to erect a ‘fire wall’ in the CDU against all those who do not want to support the left-green course of the party leadership.”

He suggested that the CDU leadership issue a warning as part of a regulatory procedure, for example, “which I would be willing to accept in principle, depending on the progress of the procedure”.

Expulsion procedures are generally considered difficult, the requirements are high – in the case of the SPD, for example, several attempts were necessary to throw Thilo Sarrazin out of the party. And until it succeeded, there were still numerous controversies. A dispute that may last several years is also expected in Maassen’s proceedings.


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