Ex-head of the Kurgan police department convicted of corruption filed a new appeal

Court session in the criminal case of Andrey Shamin.  Kurgan, shamin andrey

The Kurgan Regional Court received an appeal from the former head of the Shadrinsk police department, Dmitry Kokoteev, who is currently serving a sentence for misappropriation of funds, petty bribery and abuse of office. The data appeared in the file cabinet of the GAS.Pravosudie system.

“Criminal cases are appeals. Kokoteev Dmitry Vasilievich. List of articles: Art. 160 h.4; Art. 286 part 1; Art. 291 part 2,” the data of the judicial system says. On appeal, the convict asks for a deferment or an opportunity to pay in installments the fine that was imposed on him as one of the penalties.

According to URA.RU sources from law enforcement agencies, in Shadrinsk, the wife of the former head of the local police filed such a statement with the court. She pointed out that the convicted Kokoteev did not have the opportunity to immediately pay the fine. The application was returned due to procedural issues, so an appeal was filed with the regional court.

Kokoteev was found guilty in August 2022 of committing acts of corruption as part of an organized group. Together with the former deputy head of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrei Shamin and the accountant of the Shadrinsky Ministry of Internal Affairs, they collected money from their subordinates, which they wrote out to them in the form of bonuses. Kokoteev was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined one million rubles. He was also banned from holding leadership positions for three years.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that a court of appeal was held in Kurgan against former police chiefs. The court left Shamin and Kokoteev’s convictions in force, increasing the punishment with additional fines.

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