Ex-Arsenal defender Eboue called Arshavin a legend of Russian football

NEVA NEWS |  Dmitry Matveev
NEVA NEWS | Dmitry Matveev

Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue shared his impressions of playing together with Andrei Arshavin.

Emmanuel Eboue played for the African team in the Legends Cup on February 12. The former Arsenal defender answered journalists’ questions and lamented the absence of Andrei Arshavin.

“Andrey is a great player, great. I played with him for three years. Great guy, I was happy to share the field with him. It was great because he was very cool. Arshavin is a legend in Russia. I was hoping to see him here,” said Eboue.

Arshavin moved to Arsenal from St. Petersburg Zenit. The Euro 2008 bronze medalist played for the London club from 2009 to 2013.


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