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Russian rescuers have completed a rescue operation in Syria after the earthquake, while they will continue to provide humanitarian assistance in the republic. This was announced to TASS on Sunday by the Secretary of State – Deputy Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Alexey Serko. “The rescue operation to save the survivors is over. We are summing up the results and tomorrow we will report to the minister with a subsequent report to the President of Russia that the rescue operation has been completed, but humanitarian assistance continues,” he said. Serko added that an additional batch of humanitarian aid will be delivered to Syria. According to the deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, 57 points of temporary stay have been deployed for the victims of the earthquake, and everyone is being assisted. “Our rescuers are involved in the distribution of humanitarian aid and training of rescuers and firefighters of the Latakia, Jebla garrison. Since they have practically no experience, they accepted our offer,” Serko specified.

It is expected that powerful earthquakes in Turkey will lead to losses for the national economy in the amount of more than 84 billion dollars, or about 10% of GDP. It is reported by Bloomberg. The Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Confederation (Turkonfed) predicts that the earthquakes have caused about $70.8 billion worth of damage to residential buildings and another $10.4 billion will be lost in national income. Turkonfed said the loss of labor will cost Turkey’s economy $2.9 billion. Earthquakes severely affected 10 provinces and 13.5 million people in the southeast of the country, as well as in neighboring Syria.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky it would be enough to stop the attacks on the republics of Donbass so as not to force Russia to conduct a special operation. This was stated by the former Prime Minister of Italy, leader of the Forward Italy party. Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday, February 12th. “I wouldn’t talk to Zelensky if I were prime minister, I wouldn’t go to him, because we see the ruin of his country and the extermination of soldiers and residents. It was enough to stop the attacks on the two autonomous republics of Donbass, and what is happening would never have happened, so I assess the actions of this gentleman very negatively, ”iL Mattiono conveys his words. Earlier, on January 25, Berlusconi expressed regret that no solution had yet been found for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine. He stated that as long as the conflict continues, the world is “paying an unbearable price” and suffering enormous economic damage.

To end the military conflict, the President of the United States Joe Biden should offer his Ukrainian colleague Vladimir Zelensky multi-billion dollar plan to rebuild the country. This was stated by the former Prime Minister of Italy, leader of the Forward Italy party. Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday, February 12th. The ex-premier suggested that the plan to restore Ukraine could convince the Kyiv regime to stop hostilities. But on the condition that Zelensky urgently orders the troops to stop the fighting and stop receiving financial and military assistance. “To achieve peace, the American president must take Zelensky and tell him: the Marshall Plan for the restoration of Ukraine is at your disposal after the end (of the conflict),” il Messaggero reports him.

The current rules do not allow the use of €1.3 billion worth of assets of Russian businessmen frozen in France, but the European Commission is working to legalize such a move. This was stated on Sunday in an interview with the LCI TV channel by the press secretary of the French Foreign Ministry Anne-Clair Legendre. “At the current stage, European sanctions provide for freezing, that is, blocking of funds, and they cannot be confiscated without a court decision in connection with circumventing these sanctions. So it is not possible right now to transfer them to Ukraine, but you know that the EC has decided to work with new proposals to transfer these funds to Ukraine and assess to what extent we can use these funds to ensure recovery from them [страны]”Legendre said. “There are many types of assets frozen under European sanctions, for example, € 300 billion of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation [в ЕС] and €1.3 billion of Russian oligarchs who were frozen directly in France,” she explained.

Britain plans to confiscate frozen Russian assets, is preparing legislation for this, the Russian ambassador to the UK said in an interview with RIA Novosti Andrey Kelin. “It is well known that there is a recognition in almost all Western countries, including in London, that such actions are absolutely illegal, and that there are no laws in this regard. But the perverted logic is that such laws should be invented; as far as I understand, this is being done in the European Union and Washington. The first case of confiscation of personal assets has occurred now,” the diplomat said. “It has not been noted here yet, but there are assets, there is movement in this direction. Now I can’t fix such cases yet, but the preparation of some kind of legislation that would move in this direction is really going on, ”he said.

President of Israel Yitzhak Duke during a special address to the nation against the backdrop of mass protests against the legal system reform project, he said that power cannot be paralyzed. “No power can be paralyzed,” Herzog said, calling on the Netanyahu government to “hear the cry of pain” from the protesters. The Duke also warned that “the country is on the brink of constitutional and social collapse.” First reading of part of legal reform Yariva Levina, which provoked weekly thousands of protests in the country, is scheduled for next Monday. Opponents of the reform and organizers of the protests called on all sympathizers to join the national strike – the call was published on social networks.

Head of North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) Glen van Herk did not rule out that the aircraft shot down in recent days in US airspace could be of extraterrestrial origin, but stressed that the intelligence services should make the final conclusion on this matter. In recent days, US fighter jets have intercepted three high-altitude targets of unknown origin and destination over Alaska, Canada and Lake Huron. During a special briefing for journalists, van Herk was asked if the military was ready to completely rule out the version of the extraterrestrial origin of downed aircraft. Thanks for your question. I will leave intelligence and counterintelligence to draw their conclusions on this matter. Personally, at this stage, I do not exclude any versions, ”said a high-ranking military man. According to the head of the command, the US military has not yet determined what kept the aircraft shot down in the north in the air, and are not sure that it is about balloons. “I am unable to explain how they stayed in the air. There may have been a gas-filled balloon inside the structure, or some type of propulsion system. However, it is clear that they were in the air,” said van Herck. CNN previously quoted pilots climbing to intercept who said they could not determine by visual observation where the engines were located on the vehicles.

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