Employees at the main tank plant of the Russian Federation in Nizhny Tagil are looking for through the federal channel

Delivery of the ten thousandth universal car of Uralvagonzavod.  Nizhny Tagil, uvz, uralvagonzavod

On the channel “Russia – 1” there was a story about “Uralvagonzavod” (part of the concern UVZ corporation “Rostec”), which is the main supplier of tanks for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Journalists told who is required for the enterprise and what bonuses they are promised. UVZ has repeatedly said that due to the large state defense order, the demand for new employees has increased.

“The production of civilian products was reduced at the plant, and the employees were retrained. The conditions correspond to the status of the enterprise – clean, quiet workshops, high salaries, some come from the principle – to help friends at the front. Future turners, machine operators are trained in their own training center, and each center is a mini-production with machine tools, where you can immediately put into practice the acquired knowledge,” the journalists say.

Of the bonuses that promise new employees, in addition to good wages and working conditions, extended groups in kindergartens (until 21:00), for non-residents – apartments for rent in new buildings. Uralvagonzavod is the largest supplier of military equipment for the RF Ministry of Defense. The company produces tanks and tank support combat vehicles. Earlier, URA.RU reported that UVZ is massively looking for employees from all over Russia and is ready to train them. The enterprise wants to open a second tank conveyor, but, a source at the enterprise told URA.RU, this is unlikely to be done in the near future, because there will be no one to work there.

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