EMERCOM of Russia organized the distribution of food to drivers stuck on the Georgian Military Highway

Prt Scr youtube.com/ NTSSevastopol
Prt Scr youtube.com/ NTSSevastopol

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Republic of North Ossetia organized the distribution of hot meals to drivers waiting for the resumption of travel along the Georgian Military Highway. Representatives of the department told the Federal News Agency about this.

It is emphasized that at present the passage along the Georgian Military Highway is closed. This is due to adverse weather conditions that pose a danger to citizens. The weather is expected to remain unchanged for a few more days.

In order to ensure a comfortable waiting, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, together with the Vladikavkaz and Alan Diocese, organized the distribution of food. In addition, a heating point was set up in close proximity to the Verkhny Lars checkpoint, where you can drink free hot tea and charge your mobile devices.


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