Earthquake kills 32 Turkish Cypriots in Turkey

In Turkey, an earthquake killed a delegation of schoolchildren who arrived from the Turkish part of Cyprus

Thirty-two residents of the Turkish part of Cyprus, most of them children, died as a result of the devastating earthquake in Turkey. This was reported on February 10 by the Cyprus Mail newspaper, citing data from the Office of the Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus.

Earthquake in Turkey

Earthquake in Turkey

Ivan Shilov (c) IA REGNUM

It is specified that most of the dead were from among the delegation that arrived in the city of Adiyaman for the youth volleyball tournament. The delegation included 24 schoolchildren, four teachers and 11 parents. At the time of the earthquake, the whole group was in the hotel, which was completely destroyed, only one teacher and three parents managed to escape.

To date, the bodies of 22 dead members of the delegation have been recovered from the rubble. In addition to those killed in Adiyaman, six residents of the Turkish part of Cyprus died in the province of Hatay, three in the province of Kahramanmarash and one more person died in the province of Osmaniye.

The bodies of ten people have already been transferred to Cyprus for burial, the bodies of the rest of the dead will be sent as the documents are processed.

Previously IA REGNUM reported that the number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey exceeded 20 thousand people.

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