Earthquake-damaged airport reopens in Turkey

Damaged Turkish airport reopened to receive aircraft

The airport in the Turkish city of Hatay, located in the zone of a devastating earthquake, resumed work again, Anadolu news agency reported on February 12.

Hatay airport.  Turkey

Hatay airport. Turkey


On February 6, the three-kilometer runway of the airport was severely damaged in 45 places at once as a result of the elements, so the airport was closed.

Within 96 hours, a non-stop technical team of 150 people repaired the damage in an area of ​​5,000 square meters.

In order to test the runway in Hatay, an empty plane of Turkish Airlines landed from Istanbul. This plane will fly back to Istanbul, having already taken on board the victims of the earthquake.

Recall that the preliminary damage from a natural disaster in Turkey is estimated at $ 84 billion.

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