Dumpling cup and a lifetime ticket of Russian Railways: telegram voices about the country

In the outgoing week, Russian telegram channels wrote about the shelling of police with fireworks, dumpling day, a lady who sheltered five hundred bats, and much more. The most interesting is in our selection.


Central Federal District

“Drone lost,” such an announcement appeared on a Moscow street. The finder is asked to return the drone to the owner for a fee. “Those who are accustomed to missing dog announcements are very discouraged. Well, what, what time – such losses, ” – comments “Moscow at maximum speed“.

A completely surreal chase took place in Voronezh. A drugged driver with a caracal lynx in the trunk tried to drive away from the police and fired fireworks at them to keep them behind. Did not help. The car was stopped, the driver was detained, the caracal was handed over to the zoo, writes “Voronezh №1“.

Northwestern Federal District

How many times have they told the world … Two girls at the Razliv station in the Leningrad Region decided at all costs to take a selfie against the backdrop of the railway, standing close to the rails – and even with a moving train. The driver had to apply emergency braking. The composition still touched the girls, although tangentially. “Petersburg with a sparkwrites that both survived, but were hospitalized.

Do you know where the cheapest apartments in Russia are? In the Komi Republic – in the cities of Inta and Vorkuta. “Dvushka” can be bought for 135 thousand rubles, “three rubles” – for 160 thousand. “This is where the positive ends for one simple reason: every year there are more and more such cheap housing in the north of Komi due to the outflow of the population,” they are sad.Mustache Pechorin“.

In the neighboring Arkhangelsk region, there is another problem. Wolves continue to terrorize the population. “Grandfather Pomor” reports that an attack on a person was recently registered, which has long been considered a great rarity not only in Pomorie, but also on a Russian scale. Citizens, including those in the vicinity of Arkhangelsk, are asked to report wolves to 112.

Volga Federal District

News of Mordovia» learned about the appearance of an unusual railway passenger who can ride any trains absolutely free of charge. This is a boy who was born on a train passing through Mordovia. The leadership of Russian Railways gave him a gift for life and is ready to carry him for free for at least a hundred years.

The gastronomic theme is gaining momentum in the Penza region. Special attention is paid to dishes according to historical recipes. Such, for example, will be prepared for Maslenitsa in the village of Radishchevo. “Sursky region”reports that there will also be some secret “Ukha in Ablyazov’s way”. What is unique in it, only the guests of the holiday will recognize.

Meanwhile, in Udmurtia, the ninth “World Pelmeni Day” has died down. “Itil“learned that at the dumpling festival, in addition to competitions and culinary master classes, there was even a” KVN dumpling cup “and a half marathon, the winners of which were awarded a bowl of dumplings.




Southern Federal District

In the Rostov region, a 39-year-old resident of Azov decided that spending time with cats was undignified, and sheltered bats, placing them in her one-room apartment. There are many mice – five hundred. “Rostov cart“writes that the neighbors are strongly against such” pets “.



Marina Kashirskaya © IA REGNUM

North Caucasian Federal District

It was decided to erect a monument to Cheburashka in Kislovodsk, on Karl Marx Street. The shooting of a recent film about Cheburashka took place here, recalls “Stavropol truth“.

Chechnya swung at the record of Russia, which belongs to Moscow. A “giant” school for 2.5 thousand places will be built in the republic. The same huge one is located in Moscow in a new residential area on the territory of the former ZIL plant. “But, if for Moscow to build “giant” schools is a common thing, then in Chechnya such an educational complex is a real event and a vital necessity,” they say.Arrows of Kazbek“.

Ural federal district

In Yekaterinburg, a guest of a restaurant found a pearl in a crab’s claw. “4 channel | Ekaterinburgwrites that this is an almost unbelievable event. Especially not on the coast. The happy guest took the pearl for himself.

Siberian Federal District

A witty solution came up with a Krasnoyarsk citizen who was trying to rob. The background is this: a resident of the city met a girl on social networks, arranged a meeting, but she got into his car with another man who pulled out a knife and demanded to go to the nearest ATM. The driver complied with the requirement, and then deliberately crashed into a patrol car on the way. The robbers were detained, a criminal case on robbery was initiated, reports “Peace Avenue“.

An equally daring attack took place in the Kuzbass ski resort of Sheregesh. A capercaillie attacked five men who came to rest from Novosibirsk. It happened when one of the tourists decided to feed the bird, but he did not even have time to open his backpack. follow– ironically “Kuznetsk kaylo“.

A holiday in Krasnoyarsk. “aluminum cucumbers” write that the Russian Book of Records immediately recognized two records behind the flagpole on Nikolaevskaya Sopka. First, it is now officially the tallest flagpole in the country. Secondly, the highest flagpole with the state flag of Russia.

Far Eastern Federal District

The world atlas called the Yakut Indigirka salad the worst dish in the world. Also a reason to rejoice. After all, frozen fish salad is now known all over the world. Yakutsk News clarifies that pizza-cake is in second place. On the third, haukarl is an Icelandic dish made from partially decomposed and then withered polar shark.

A resident of Kolyma made nunchucks and ended up on trial. “observation tower” clarifies that according to the law, nunchucks are edged weapons, so their manufacture in Russia is prohibited. The Magadan did not know about this, he planned to practice martial arts, so he made the props himself. Most likely, his punishment will be conditional.

A vandal tiger breaking camera traps has appeared in the Khabarovsk Territory. “Octagon. Eastfound out that the tiger had already broken three camera traps. Moreover, he managed to drag one trap with him in an unknown direction. He removed it, cutting off the strap that held the device to the tree with his claw. Thanks to the memory card preserved on one camera, we managed to get pictures of the striped hooligan.




Such news was shared by the channels in the outgoing week. Read more next Friday, February 17th.


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