Dog owners want to be required to throw waste into paper bags

Russian environmentalists consider soil pollution from walking domestic dogs a serious problem

Russian environmentalists want to oblige pet dog owners to use paper bags for their pets’ waste, Izvestia reported on February 10.



Daria Dry © IA REGNUM

According to experts, in 2020 there were about 22.6 million dogs in the country. Thus, 59% of Russian families, that is, about 70.4 million people over the age of 14, had pets. The increase in the number of dogs also increases the amount of waste they produce to almost 4 million tons per year.

Some people are already used to putting their dog waste in separate bags and throwing it in the trash cans. But many hosts don’t. At the same time, those who still clean up after their pets use mostly plastic bags. But then they cannot be separated from organic waste, and as a result, plastic ends up in soil, water and microorganisms, polluting the environment.

Therefore, special boxes should be installed to collect such waste. In addition, waste should be collected in boxes in paper bags. In the future, they can be processed into compost, environmentalists say.


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