Doctor Solovyov predicted the development of coronavirus in 2023


The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, the infection will come again and again. Three waves are expected this year, as well as new strains, Alexander Solovyov, chairman of the committee in the Federation for Laboratory Medicine in Yekaterinburg, warned.

“Last year there was the Omicron strain, now there will be a new wave, another one in the summer and autumn. I don’t think that they will exceed 2022 in severity,” — brings his words to the portal EAN.

The doctor believes that due to the emergence of new factors, the incidence of covid and its dominance among diseases is growing. At the same time, he called the expected worsening of the situation in late January – early February.

“Another factor is the decrease in immunity in people after they have been ill with coronavirus, and vaccination. All this is like the same picture in all countries of the world. Everywhere the wave of coronavirus has passed, and in Russia it is just beginning,” Solovyov noted.

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