Doctor Myasnikov called a simple way to lower blood pressure without drugs

Global Look Press |  Vadim Tarakanov
Global Look Press | Vadim Tarakanov

Blood pressure can be lowered without the use of drugs. This was stated by the famous doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov. He shared a simple way to improve well-being.

A medical specialist claims that pressure can be reduced with ear massage. As proof of his assertion, Myasnikov conducted an experiment on the air of the program “About the most important” on the TV channel “Russia 1”. He measured the pressure before the ear massage and after the procedure. In the first case, the tonometer showed 137 by 74 millimeters of mercury. After the massage, this indicator dropped to 121 to 73 millimeters of mercury.

Alexander Myasnikov also spoke about the dangers of drugs designed to reduce pressure. According to him, taking such drugs for atherosclerosis can lead to a stroke.


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