DM: A married couple hid a stillborn baby in a freezer


Police in the Australian state of Geraldton found the body of a baby in a freezer. The child’s parents have been detained in connection with the crime, Daily Mail reports.

The mother and father of the child are a 32-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man who did not tell anyone about the pregnancy. The baby was born already dead, after which the mother put the body in a plastic bag and left it in the bedroom. Then his father found him and hid the package in the freezer located in the backyard of their house.

Some time after the birth, the woman felt unwell and went to the doctors. The local hospital could not help her, in connection with which the patient was taken by helicopter to another medical facility.

Doctors found traces of recent childbirth on the Australian woman’s body, but she herself continued to deny the fact of pregnancy. The hospital staff became suspicious and reported it to the police. Law enforcement officers began an investigation and searched the couple’s house, where they found a package with a stillborn baby.

The couple were charged with hiding the body of the deceased child. Against the woman put forward an additional charge of fraud. The police determined that she had lied about her terminal illness in order to collect donations. So she managed to earn 3 thousand Australian dollars, which in terms of Russian currency is 152.5 thousand rubles.


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